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Everyone knows that when you have a get-together, no matter how lovely your home, everyone ends up in the kitchen. Is your kitchen a warm, inviting space? Or an outdated room with old appliances, ugly cabinets, dated wallpaper, and unsightly fixtures?


Hip & Ridge Construction LLC can help. Let us turn your old kitchen into a state-of-the-art space designed just for you. Whether you want a slick, contemporary look or a country kitchen, Hip & Ridge Construction LLC will bring it's expertise to bear on your kitchen.


Hip & Ridge Construction LLC remodeled kitchens also:


•Reduce energy costs


•Create a more functional space


•Increase the value of your home


•Make it easier to cook and clean


•Improve task and other lighting


•Bring great beauty into your home


•And more


Hip & Ridge Construction LLC  will:


•Help you visualize a kitchen designed just for you

•Design your kitchen, helping you select finishes, tile, appliances, fixtures, and the like

•Take careful measurements and order all materials

•Procure the building, plumbing, and electrical permits when necessary

•Schedule and manage all subcontractors

•Perform demolition of the existing kitchen

•Install cabinets, back splashes, countertops, appliances, mixtures, and more

•Remove all construction-related materials from your home

•Ensure your satisfaction and delight with your new kitchen



Questions for Creating a Successful Kitchen Design


How do you use your kitchen? Are you a gourmand? Do you like to have fancy dinner parties? Or do you need a comfortable place for your kids to do homework? Determining the main purposes of your kitchen is key to a successful remodel.


What kind of lighting does your kitchen need? Do you need lots of bright, overhead lighting? Or well-placed task and under-cabinet lighting? Ensuring that your room is well lit is critical to a functional kitchen.


What do you need in terms of cabinetry? What color and material? How about storage space? Do you want pretty glass doors to highlight special dishes? Proper cabinet selection can make or break your kitchen.


Which appliances to you need? Do you need a double oven? Gas or electric? Stainless, wood, or composite doors? Great appliances lead to a great kitchen and cooking experience.


Do you need to rearrange your kitchen to get the classic triangle? Kitchen designers live and die by the kitchen triangle, which positions the oven/stove, sink, and refrigerator in a triangle for optimal use and work flow.


To learn more about kitchen remodels, contact Hip & Ridge Construction LLC at (218) 355-1945