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One of the nicest ways to improve your living space is to go outside! Hip & Ridge Construction LLC will expand your beautiful interior space to a beautiful outdoor patio, deck, or sunroom.


Whether you're looking for a single- or multi-level deck, brick or stone patio, screened room, a beautiful hardscape, or an outdoor oasis complete with a hot tub, gazebo, and three-season room, Hip & Ridge Construction LLC will create an outdoor environment tailored to your needs and desires.





Hip & Ridge Construction LLC provides expertise and creativity to construct both wooden decks, including pressure-treated wood, cedar or Brazilian Ipe, or composite or vinyl decks, from manufacturers like Trex and Timbertech.


When it comes to decks, Hip & Ridge Construction LLC focuses first on your safety. We carefully install and inspect the deck structural tie in to the home or structure and ensure construction and structural integrity of the structure.


Hip & Ridge Construction LLC is committed to preventing water damage. Our deck designs take water flow into account, and we install appropriate flashing, caulking to prevent water leakage.


We understand the importance of aesthetics, too. Our craftsmen build decks with top-quality materials and methods and detail all benches, rails, and decks with detailed trimmed.


Call (218) 355-1945 to get your new deck today.






A customized patio brings the outdoors in and creates an extra outdoor room for your home. Hip & Ridge Construction LLC specializes in creating stunning, custom patios and walkways that make the most of your house's exterior. We use a wide array of materials in a full spectrum of colors to give you the patio you've always dreamed of. We create:


Stone paver patios, which brings a clean, ordered look to your project. The best thing about stone is its versatility; it can be shaped or colored to your specifications. Stone pavers are also extremely low maintenance and can be easily swept clean. In addition, repairs for stone paver patios are simple – if one or two stones crack or break, they can be easily replaced without replacing entire patio sections.


Flagstone patios offer an organic, natural look to your backyard. A natural stone, flagstone cannot be cut to shape and patterned the way pavers can – instead, it is laid out like a mosaic, meaning no two flagstone patios look alike. Our experienced craftsmen take special care when laying flagstone patios to prevent the stones from cracking. However, after all the stones have been set and sealed, the patio is durable for decades.


Brick patios are not only beautiful - they're also extremely durable and low-maintenance. Brick patios bring a timeless appeal. With brick, you don't have to worry about having a dated look a decade from now because brick is a classic.


Concrete paver patios can be shaped into any pattern and molded and colored to look like another material. Concrete is also incredibly durable and sturdy, and doesn't require excessive maintenance.


Regardless of the material you choose, let Hip & Ridge Construction LLC build your custom patio. Call (218) 355-1945 to learn more.




Hip & Ridge Construction LLC offers the very best in sunrooms, offering features and options that perfectly fit your needs, home, and lifestyle. Our sunrooms allow you to wrap yourself in the light and scenic beauty of the great outdoors, all within the climate-controlled comfort of your home.


Hip & Ridge Construction LLC builds both three- and four-season sunrooms designed specifically for our customers' requirements and tastes. To ensure optimal enjoyment, our handcrafted room additions are manufactured from the finest quality materials and to the highest standards possible. Whether you require additional family living space, a private oasis in which to relax and admire your surroundings, or an elegant dining environment, we can design a sunroom, patio enclosure, home addition, and/or deck that perfectly meets your needs and budget.


Best of all, your stylish sunroom enhances both the appearance and the value of your home. To get started, call Hip & Ridge Construction LLC today at (218) 355-1945